Testing is an integral part of any software development project. With a need for more robust and reliable software, testing has become a vital part of the software development lifecycle and a very specialized function in itself.

At ESIMS GLOBAL, we provide high end software testing and test automation services to enhance productivity, reduce costs, reduce time to market and increase delivery confidence. We enhance effectiveness and ROI for our customers by employing flawless processes, right tools, a proficient team and flexible business models.

We also provide a wide range of testing services that help organizations achieve predictable and improved software quality levels. We work with clients globally as their extended offshore testing team where we leverage our testing expertise and adaptable processes to identify defects as early as possible.

ESIMS testing provides:

  • Test Strategy Definition
  • Test Process Improvement
  • Automation Engineering
  • Functional Testing
  • System (Integration) Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Performance, Load, Volume and Stress Testing
  • Test Automation

Dedicated QC/QA

Effective test management ensures the delivery of quality software projects. Every requirement needs proper test coverage, and when issues are uncovered during the testing phase, these defects need to be accurately tracked, evaluated and resolved. Our Software Quality Assurance solutions provide standardization and improved efficiency allowing test teams to deliver high quality applications in less time.

At ESIMS GLOBAL, we provide a right-sized, cost effective blend of onsite, onshore, and offshore testing capability. We can architect and implement the right blended model with the right resources at the right location to get your real world testing done right. We are dedicated to supporting software development projects for clients, who need to deliver high quality products to their customers, reduce testing time in the project life cycle, and improve upon existing testing practices.

Our objective is to provide our clients with the means to produce the highest quality applications possible on time and within budget. Our focus is to help your organization ensure that our client projects are with superlative quality.

ESIMS GLOBAL QA Solutions will:

  • Provide management with the appropriate decision making ability
  • Verify that all business requirements are met and function correctly
  • Identify risk, failure points, and potential problems prior to release
  • Identify unforeseen issues that might lead to project prior to release
  • Identify software defects early in the development process
  • Verify product reliability
  • Aid in releasing a product on time and within budget
  • Reduce the costs of development
  • Provide a competitive product different from competition.

Service Offerings:

  • End to End Test Management
  • Outsourced Testing Solutions
  • Building a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)
  • Performance and Automation Engineering
  • Specialized test services in emerging technologies
    e.g. Mobile, SOA, Cloud, ERP


ISTQB, CSTE, CSQA and PMP certified Test professionals with strong experience in building end to end Test solutions.

High Performance Availability

Keeping your services online and available to those who need them is mandatory to keep your customers satisfied. Performance metrics such as response time and throughput of the site should be taken into consideration to ensure availability of your systems.

ESIMS GLOBAL is able to deliver high-quality solutions that meet and exceed the expectations, while still being on time and budget. We ensure your success in these changing times with an approach that gives you the best possible balance of cost, speed and quality.

Mobile Testing

  • Selecting solutions for mobile testing can be a daunting task. A variety of software platforms and versions, diverse hardware and form factors, and different network connectivity conditions are among the reasons why there is a need to have an experienced team to take care of your mobile applications testing.
  • ESIMS GLOBAL can successfully build upon any existing test suites, scripts, methodologies or tools currently in use in our client’s organization for automated or manual mobile testing. Our flexibility and long drawn experience allow us to easily adapt and do what makes sense for our customers to deliver custom mobile testing solutions that can test more applications, better, faster and at a lower cost.