Cybersecurity for startups, small & medium companies

Most small businesses think that they are not “big” enough to be targeted by hackers but that is not true. Hackers target smaller companies because they often lack the resources and budget to devote to cybersecurity.

We created StartSecure to defend small and medium businesses (SMBs) from relentless cyber attackers. Hackers are always looking for ways to steal your data, but we will make sure that they never find an open door.

You Lose More Than Data in a Security Breach

  • Damage to Reputation

    Loss of client data could lead to loss of clients and lawsuits. This
    could cause a reduction in profits and valuation which may cause
    potential investors to back out.

  • Loss of staff

    Recovery can also cause a loss of revenue that could lead to layoffs.
    It’s possible that pressure from investors can lead to CXO level

  • High Recovery Cost

    Recovering from a cyber-attack is expensive. After a breach,
    companies are liable to fines and there is a significant increase in
    their premium for cyber insurance. They also need to hire expensive
    post-breach consulting services and dedicate a significant part of their
    time & resources for remediation activities.

  • Start securing your business

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  • The Start Secure Approach

    You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to become a target for a cyber-attack. There are so many high-priced cybersecurity solutions in the market but most of them are made for large companies. The StartSecure solution was made exclusively for startups and small, medium companies.

    We understand the technology risks, imitations and pain point that SMBs experience and we want to provide ffective cybersecurity that won’t break the bank. Contact us and let’s get started.

Additional Services

  • 24/7 Security monitoring

    Our global team will continuously monitor your system and report threats that we detect immediately.

  • Data Search (internal & dark web)

    We use monitoring tools to alert you if we discover your data on the internet’s black market known as the Dark Web.

  • Incident response plan

    Prepare for possible security incidents with a response plan that instructs your IT staff how they should respond and recover from a breach.

  • Vulnerability scanning & pen testing

    We will perform security tests to reveal flaws in the systems being used to protect your data.

  • Risk/Gap assessment

    Identify potential threats and spot potential data privacy and compliance issues.

  • Vendor risk management

    Ensure that your third-party vendor’s networks will not create vulnerabilities that may cause a breach.

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